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For every man who has a fantasy man, and every man who is one!I suppose every gay man has a fantasy man, I know I sure do. Often I allow
myself to imagine him and the details of our meeting. In my mind, I know
exactly what he will look like right nude underage lolitas gallery down to the hair around his belly
button and ass. For most men, the man that occupies their fantasies is
non-existent, someone supernatural that is actually a product of their own
mind. Maybe if he does exist, he is a co-worker or a relative, someone
that is completely unattainable. I never knew my fantasy man existed until
tonight. I walked into a restaurant and there he was...As I waited for the hostess to come and seat our party. I happened to
glance over at a booth nearby. My heart stopped. I couldn't take my eyes
off of him. Sitting in the booth eating a salad was the most masculine,
sexy, stud I had ever seen. I had had a million or more fantasies about
this very pretty young lolita models man and yet had never laid eyes on him before. Immediately, my
penis began to grow as if it had a mind of its own.He had long dark blonde hair that hung well past his shoulders. It was
poker straight, parted on the right, and looked very clean. It was not
tied back into a ponytail but was allowed to hang freely onto sexy, dark,
shoulders. His eyes were piercing brown, dark, and mysterious, but still
playful and friendly. His clean-shaven face was chiseled like that of
Michealangelo's "David", and masculinity radiated from him like a neon
sign. This was a man, a real man. He wore a purple tank top neatly tucked
into a pair of blue jean cutoffs, white ankle socks and tennis shoes. His
chest, shoulders, back, and legs, were all covered with a matte of thick,
curly hair, not wispy pieces of blonde, fly away hair, but a carpet of dark
brown fur that I wanted to loose myself in and maybe never come back out
of!It takes just a moment, that one split second when your eyes top kds list lolita meet and you
realize that you share something, a mutual attraction. In that one split
second I knew beyond any doubt that I wanted to ride whatever this guy had
to offer. I knew that I wanted to make him scream in pleasure and that I
wanted to spend the next fifty years of my life counting the beautiful
hairs on his body one by one. He stared at me and I am almost sure that he
wanted the same things I did.I quickly excused myself from my party making sure that he saw me turn and
head for the restroom. If I was correct about what I saw in pretty young lolita models
his eyes this
fucker was hot and ready, anytime, anyplace. The door to the men's room
opened tentatively and there he stood. Without saying a word, he walked
into the nearest stall and held the door open for me to enter behind him.
I took both of my hands and grabbed his ass through his cut-offs, squeezing
his firm cheeks. He pushed his ass back toward me as I knelt down and
began to lick his beautiful, hairy legs.This was crazy! Here I was in a crowded restaurant, on my knees in a
stall, tongue worshiping my fantasy man where the door could open up at any
time and I could literally be caught in an act of public lewdness. That
thought only lasted a second and I thought, "Fuck it", a chance like this
only comes along once in a lifetime so I am going to take it!He quickly loosened his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, he wore
no underwear. I was looking at the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. It
was absolutely perfect. Each mound of flesh was so delectable and covered
with a forest of hair. I took the time to run my hands through the hair.
I tentatively stick my tongue out and lick his right cheek. The hairs feel
course on my sensitive tongue but the action causes my cock to spring to
attention. I can't stand it any longer; I dive in and bite both of his ass
cheeks, burying my face in his hairy splendor. I pull his ass cheeks apart
and see his pink, hairy rosebud. He opens it and closes it using
unbelievable control. He smells clean and masculine and I can't wait to
eat his ass out. I lick slowly up and down the crack of his asshole,
savoring each moment as if I was eating a high quality steak. Then I stuck
my tongue up inside of him as far as it would go, tasting his muskiness,
wetting down the hair in the ass crack that few people would ever see. He
pushed his ass into my face as I ate to my hearts content. His manly scent
had overtaken me and I found myself in heaven.He straightened up and turned around quickly. His cock was hard and
beautiful. His hairy legs and belly made his bush look thick and full.
His extra large balls hung low and were also covered in fine, curly hair.
His dick was pointed slightly to the right and there was a drop of pre-cum
on the tip, a result of the ass work that I had done for him no doubt. He
pushed his hips forward closing the gap between my full lips and his hard,
thick, piece of meat. I licked his seed off of his cock head and savored
the liquid on my tongue. I licked his cock head all over and began to make
his shaft wet with my spit. I found the large vein underneath his blood
engorged cock and licked up and down the underside of the shaft.He could take the pressure no longer, so he grabbed my head by my hair and
shoved his hardness down my throat. I could feel the head of his dick
sliding down on the back of my tongue and I opened my throat so that he
could fuck my face at his pace. I looked up at him as he threw head back
and moved his organ inside my mouth.I took both of my hands and let them roam all over his hairy chest. The
fur was thick and beautiful and it took me a moment lolitas preteen 13yo nude
to locate his round,
hard nipples underneath his tank top. I pulled his cock out of my mouth
and stood quickly so that he would not have time to object. I had this
hunk for just a few minutes and I wanted to take advantage of each and
every one. I lifted his right arm up above his head and dove into his
armpit to lick and free loli rape pics
suck on his manly pit. He roughly grabbed my head, and
for just a moment, I thought he lolitas de 12yo 13yo
was going to hit me. He looked at my eyes,
and I melted in his arms when his tongue slowly made its way toward my
mouth. I opened my mouth up as wide as it would go and felt his thick,
rough, tongue snaking it's way in.It took all of the courage and the strength that I could muster as I
quietly whispered, "Please, fuck me!" That was all it took! He had me
turned around in that little stall and my pants were down around my ankles
in nothing flat. He took his large hand and smacked my ass a couple of
times as I begged him to stick into me. With one swift motion, he pushed
his hard, dripping dick into my waiting hole. I had never been so filled
up! As his motion became even I looked over my shoulder to see his hairy
body glistening with sweat as he pounded my ass. He reached around and
began to jack off my dick in perfect rhythm with his pounding. I tried to
remember each and every detail of this fuck because I knew that it would
never happen again, and that I would never have the chance to be fucked by
such a hairy, dream hunk. I wanted to remember this forever!As the stranger's breathing became harder, I knew that was about to shoot
his seed up inside of me. He was still jerking my cock in time with his
thrusting. He bit my neck as he blew a wad of hot man juice up inside of
me. I shot my load all over his hand. I begged him not to pull out of my
ass yet. He let me lick my load off of his fingers and then when he did
pull out I gave him a taste of my juice directly from my tongue. What a
hot fucking man he was!
A voice brought me back to reality. I was standing in line to be
seated at the restaurant and the hostess had just asked, "How many please?"
I glanced over to where top kds list lolita my fantasy man had been seated, he was there,
grinning right at me. I suddenly realized that I had a very wet, very
bright spot down the right leg of my slacks. My fantasy grinned at me,
winked, and made his way to the bathroom...
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